Come and join the most famous strategy-board game of all time, the ground on whis platform is sure to test the knowledge and skills of your game to the limits! They say “Everyone has a plan, until they get CHECKED”. So, empower your pawns with the wittiest move. Engage in a battlefield with the Knights, Rooks and the powerful Queen, where the prize is to defend the Mighty King, ruler of the Kingdom. So, are you guys up for the challenge of the most strategic game? Start reserving your mental energy for the methodical thinking, concentration and imagination. Get ready for a power-packed battle on the Checkerboard.

First Prize Rs 1000/- + Certificates and Medals
Second Prize Rs 500/- + Certificates and Medals
Hamsringdao Langthasa(+91 9402267889)
Renathung Tungoe (+91 9856672074)